They say that in order to be truly happy, you have to do something you love. It is one of those sayings that are too easy to say, but extremely hard to actually do.

I have always wanted to become a writer, but I never really saw myself “good enough” to be one to start with. Being surrounded by intellectual people all my life, it has never been easy for me to pursue my dreams, let alone post a blog post without being concerned about what others have to say. “Not good enough,” and “what others have to say,”—these are phrases that make me shiver down to my bones every single day. Every. Single. Day.

The truth is, I am tired. I am tired of allowing myself to be haunted by these monsters that I know are just figments of my imagination. I am tired of always asking myself, “why can’t you do that?” whenever I see other people succeed from something they started out of nothing. I am so tired of myself just not doing anything. I know it sounds weird, but I really am, tired. I don’t want to be in my deathbed one day, full of regret, thinking why I am allowing myself to die without leaving a mark and making a difference. I just can’t afford to lose every opportunity that I am given every time, because I always let my fears take over me. I don’t want to, and I want to keep trying not to.

That is why, today, I am letting all my fears go. I am letting go of all the monsters that I have been trying to win against since day one. I have realized that maybe, winning is not the way to make them stop. Maybe, all I have to do is to simply let them all go. Letting go has always been difficult for me, but if I would always let myself be defeated, I will never become the person that I want to become. I will never be truly happy. Isn’t that our ultimate goal as human beings; to experience genuine happiness?

There is no other day to do something but today. There is no other day for you to do what you really want to do but today. There is no other day to take the risk but today.

It’s today. Not tomorrow, and definitely not yesterday, but TODAY.


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