Sometimes I’d like to think that I have a brave heart for going to an unfamiliar place and just going out here. But most of the time, I find myself hoping that things went the other way. I was hoping that I didn’t have to leave my home, my family and friends, my comfort zone. But then again, I’d tell myself,Β if leaving my comfort zone is what will make me a braver little soul, then I guess, it would be worth all the pain and longing. There are times when I’d start to cry, and long for my Mom and Dad, and my siblings, but then I would come back to my senses and say to myself that I am not a baby anymore. I shouldn’t be like this. But the truth is, I am. I am still a baby, I amΒ theirΒ baby. And nothing, no one, not even this distance we have in between of all us can take that away.

I am my husband’s Queen, but I will always be my Parents’ Princess.


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