DSC_0548It’s funny how I know what I want, and do nothing about it. Actually, it’s not funny. It’s actually quite sad. It’s sad because I am not taking the leap, just because I feel like it’s going to be such a high jump that I might fall and eventually, die. But I guess that’s how it works, leaping. I guess most of the time, we leap without any assurance that we’ll reach the other side. But then when we are up there, when we actually take the leap, we start to hope that we will hit the bulls eye. And that’s usually what makes us take the leap– that little spark of hope, more than a “maybe,” or a “possibly,” but a “hopefully.”

That’s the beauty of taking the leap, I think; the thought that even though I know I might fall, get injured, or worse, die, I’d still want to take it. Because I’d like to believe – I hope – that while I am up there, I get to where I want to be safely, and wholly. And even though I don’t get there, even though I know there’s a higher chance I’d get injured, or maybe even die, at least, I could say, “I died trying.”


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