It’s Okay

I grew up thinking that nothing is impossible. That’s probably why I would have high hopes on everything, on everyone. I’d get disappointed easily, and it would break my heart whenever something wouldn’t go my way. That’s also probably why most people that I grew up with see me as an overly emotional girl, who just doesn’t know how to move on. And maybe, for at least once in my life, they were right. I guess you can say that it was (and maybe it still is) really hard for me to let go of something I thought I could fix. ButΒ then, this affirms me that I can never really please everybody, not even myself sometimes. And I guess, that is okay. Maybe it’s okay to tell yourself that it will never be okay between you and something or someone. You just have to learn to accept it. I mean, there’s no question that you can live with that, but you just need to accept that some things are just not meant to be, and just believe that time heals all wounds. It wouldn’t be overnight, but it will happen eventually. Right?


#HuGoat #Feels


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