Dreams dreams dreams

For a few months, I have been doubting on my dream of becoming a writer. I told myself that maybe I wasn’t born to be one. But lately, I was reaffirmed by many unlikely circumstances that kept on hitting me, and telling me that truly, my blood is meant to be ink for writing (sorry, I had to put that… It’s so… dramatic). Anyway, I was reminded how dreams come true when you work hard for it. Maybe I was just getting lazier everyday, that I am not writing enough, or maybe, I just needed a little push. I am more excited for my upcoming U.S. trip, because of this. Not only do I get to travel with my family and my special someone, but I also get to discover more things that I can put into writing. Traveling is essential for acquiring new thoughts and ideas. I guess, all I really needed was a few good books, prayer and this. The moment I have read this, I told myself, “Ah. I can be. If I choose to be.”

I remember way back in sophomore year in college, when I asked one of my teachers how to overcome my fear of criticism. I told her that I wish to become a writer someday, but I was afraid of what other people will think, etc. She gushed and told me, “you know what. It’s all you. You are your own enemy. If your not going to try and do it, you will never be. You have to be brave enough to make a mistake and start all over.”

I used to be so scared of what others have to say. I have been blogging since high school, but I only made my blog a little less private when I entered college. And I have learned so much after letting myself out and write. And each passing day, I was reminded how trying and making mistakes make you better and wiser, not just in writing, but in life itself. Now, I am more excited to fulfill my dreams of becoming a writer. I stopped searching for scholarships, but now I am trying again. Ahh. I am so thrilled with me being thrilled like this again.

I guess, I just became static. Now, I am back on track.


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