Hello again, May!

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks now, and a lot has happened. It’s been quite a ride lately. A few good things did happen, though. First, one of my favorite singers, Kina Grannistweeted me back! Here, take a look:


Nice, huh? I am actually glad that a lot of people here in the Philippines know her, too! She’s such an awesome musician! I got the chance to listen to her when I was in L.A. back in 2009. I loved her since! Her YouTube videos deserve more views than the others.

Second, I am currently on week 6 of my Insanity work out program. It’s been real tough, but I am getting used to it (I think!).

Third, the National and Local Philippine elections happened last Monday, May 13. Okay, skip.

Also, this blog has been approved by e-tailwebstores.com as an official partner blogger! Yay! Excited!

Lastly, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and preparing for my trip in less than a month now!

Okay, so my flight to San Francisco will be on June 9th. Exciting, huh? Whatever.

But I really am very excited! Not only do I get to see Ivan again, but we are going to travel to different places, too! The last time I went there, I was with my mum and my cousin. This time, I believe it’s going to be very very different. Not only am I going with my sister, mum and dad, but I’ll be traveling to different places with the love of my life. That has always been a dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to see the world with the person I will spend the rest of my life with.

I know it’s him!

No wait, let me rephrase.

I am most certain it’s him because I am willing to fight for him and what we have. It’s funny, really, because when I started to be with him, I stopped believing in destiny. I think God has already given me the privilege to re-introduce him to me, but in the past 14 months, I have learned that if you want something to be “meant to be,” you have to constantly fight for it and make it to be. It may sound a bit complicated, well, it is, but when you found your exception, nothing is ever too hard. Anyway,

He’ll be meeting me in San Francisco (when he gets the chance though, didn’t I tell you, he has 2 jobs and is still studying?), we’ll attend a wedding there, then head to Sacramento, then to Reno in Nevada, then head back to Vallejo, then go to Los Angeles, where another wedding will take place, then drive to Las Vegas (and gamble?) and then I guess I’ll be visiting in Alaska, too! We’ve both been planning to go to New York, too, since we’re both there, and if time (and budget) would permit, we’ll also head on to Hawaii for a few days. But I guess, we would have to wait until then to really know the make the rest of our itinerary.

I am so excited! I feel blessed enough that only after about 5 months, I get to see him again! Last time, we were separated for nine months and that time it was a bit rocky for the both of us. Some people I know who are in a long distance relationship don’t get to see each other that often, not after a few years. So I really think that even though this set-up really does curl up my body, I am still happy that it doesn’t take us more than a year to be reunited again. I am a bit frightened, too, because I know that I’ll be surprised. I love surprises, but, it scares the bananas out of me that my parents are going to be there…

Moving on… I bought a lot of clothes that I can use when I get there. I even purchased a few pairs of boots and trench coats so that I’ll be prepared when I get to Alaska. I’ve been to California and Nevada and they’re pretty much sunny, but the air is cold though, so I’ll be ready with my cardigans! I might post my “outfit of the day” for each day my baby and I will be dressing up. I told him to bring all his fancy clothes there, so we can look really “hollywood” together. Corny blahdiblah but it’s cute.

Anyway, I am reaaaally excited! So, just wait for a few more blog posts before I get there!

P.S. I’ve been having a few thoughts about a song that I heard from one of my favorite artists, Imaginary Friend entitled Followwhere Kina is a part of. I might blog about it. You guys should listen to it, too! It’ll make your soul wander.


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