Proximity and Distance, Part 2.1

In Proximity and Distance, I have written my take on distance, and its possible roles in a relationship. Now, in here, in the second part, I have decided to blurt out my reason why I have decided to say, “yes” to this kind of relationship, and ofcourse, to him and Him. 

It’s funny, really. Before I got into an LDR (short for Long Distance Relationship, obviously), I have always hated the idea of being in this kind of relationship where distance is something that seems inevitable. I say inevitable because, it seems impossible to break. And I say seems because anything that seems to be isn’t, well, “sure,” if you know what I mean. Anyway, I felt pity to those people who are in an LDR. I am actually quite skeptic on the idea of this kind of relationship, and its possibility for “forever,” but I do have a few friends, who, have actually learned to live with it, and were able to conquer it. It’s very unusual for someone like me, who values presence, especially physical presence more than anything else. I also value time. I value time and its limitedness, and how it makes things happen.

And, on top of all that, I don’t trust easily.  So, on top of all these, you might ask, why then did I choose to enter in the “i-wish-it-never-existed” kind of distance? (Okay, if you don’t know what I mean here, you better read the first Proximity and Distance.)

It’s simple. Because I found someone worth fighting for.

No, wait. Let’s do it again.

It’s simple. It’s because God gave me the one I have been praying for for the longest time. God gave me someone who’s actually worth fighting for.

There. Much better. Yep. Though a little longer. Anyway.

Way back in a Summer House Training I attended when I was still an active leader in Youth For Christ, I remember we had a session where boys were separated from girls, and had quite an amazing discussion on relationships. I remember when our speaker asked us to write the traits/characteristics/things we want our future partners to have. And as funny as it may sound, the first thing I wrote was, “Someone who has a car.” Okay, okay, I mean, I know how to drive, and we have cars, but, you know, it’s just that I’ve always wanted that person to drive me home and fetch me, like all the time. I didn’t understand why it was the first thing I wrote there, but now I do. I wrote it there because I wanted our meetings and dates to be much easier and efficient than commuting or walking, especially here in Manila. And well, right now, it just isn’t applicable. He has a car, but he can’t drive it to get to me here, all the way from Alaska. No, it wouldn’t make sense. Another thing I wrote, which isn’t that odd was this: “I want him to be sweet.” And, you know what, I have never encountered a man as sweet and soft hearted as he is. He is kinda tough at times, yes, like any other guy, but I tell you, his sweetness is something that I have never seen from other men. And I always tell him not to change because he might in the future. I wrote a lot more, but now I realize that those are nothing now. I scrapped the whole idea of having a “list,” when I knew that giving this guy a chance would be risky. I was frightened, and I mean really scared. So I started to ask myself, “What do you want, then?”

(To be continued)

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