Part 6: Intertwining fingers and Pseudo-embraces

I haven’t finished writing our love story yet, and realized it was around July of last year that I wrote about it. This is part six, and well, I have to warn you, this is a bit too much to handle.

So after spending a few hours in the yacht, we (him, me, our friends and his cousins) went to his hotel room. There we greeted his sister and niece, together with two of his friends who will be coming with us to have a few drinks in a bar. He changed clothes and we decided to go bowling with a few of our college friends already in the mall where we would play. We played a couple of rounds and went straight to the bar near the mall.

Apart from being shocked with prizes of the drinks there, even for just “renting” a table, we all decided to have a few drinks. We danced a little, and well, I could see him looking at me a few times, and I know he could also see me glancing a few. But it didn’t feel really awkward, this time, it was different. The glances made me feel all giddy inside. It was a little funny. But, that moment, everything felt right. I remembered what I told myself before I went out that day: just go with the flow. And so, I did. I did exactly what my heart told me.

We went outside to fetch our friend who has decided to join us. While waiting for her, I noticed that he was already a bit tipsy. So I made him lean on the wall beside the elevator door and asked him if he was okay.

“I think  I am drunk.” He said.

I laughed at his response and he laughed back. Then when as he was kind of sliding down to the ground, I held his hand, and it was not just a “friendly” type of holding of hands. Our fingers intertwined. I felt the alcohol gushing all over my body while having to feel his skin. After a few seconds, I let go of his hand, knowing that he can handle himself, as he, too, was shocked with the “moment” of our fingers. As we met our friend, we went back inside and stayed there for a while.

When it’s time for me to go home, our friends told us they will stay a little bit longer. So it was just us and a friend who will be driven home by the driver. We stopped by at his hotel again, since his friend left her stuff there. Anyway, inside the van, I was already feeling quite sleepy and I think he saw that I was a bit tipsy, too. But he second guessed it because he was sure I am the type of person who was “trained” not to get drunk. But without any hesitation, he looked at me and said, “hey, you can lean on my shoulders.” As he said that, he took my head, and put it on his shoulders.

I felt a little scared. Not because he might do something I wouldn’t approve of, since I was certain he is not that kind of guy. But I felt scared because at that moment, I was starting to feel really… nice… and happy. Then, little by little, I was sliding my hand closer to his. Then a flashback happened. Back in freshmen year in college, I remember walking with him in what our University pertained to as the “Lover’s lane.” Just the two of us. Laughing and talking endlessly. He was a bit shy, and I was the talkative one. He was going to walk me to the bus stop since he insisted. I remember what happened that day. While we were walking and I was talking, I suddenly put my hand into his forearm and did a half-embrace on him. It didn’t really mean that much to me, especially then, because I always do that to every person I walk with. And when I did that, I can feel him slightly shocked with what I did, so I let him go.

And that night, while sitting at the back of the van, my head on his shoulders, I did that gesture to him again. I held his arm and half-embraced it. Then… we arrived at our friend’s house. She looked back at us and bid farewell. We got  a little embarrassed, I sat straight, so did he, and I kissed our dear friend goodbye.

So it was just the driver, and us, at the back.


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