To Distance,

Fuck you.

Yes, yes, I know I shouldn’t use such words but I feel so mad because of you. I hate you. I hate every bit of you. You make me so damn paranoid I fucking hate you! You kill me to the bones. I wanna strangle you alive and kill you. I wanna stone you to death. I wanna slap you, no, punch you on the face and beat the shit out of you. I’ve never been this angry my whole life. I’ve never been so hurt my whole life and I blame you for this. I hate you! I fucking hate you and I just want to burn you alive and I don’t even want to hear you scream. You make my life miserable, no, our lives miserable. You are so annoying you should never have existed.


To my dear followers, I am so sorry for the foul words. It’s just that, it’s making me sad, how distance brings out the worst in me. I hate this. I hate this so bad. Sorry. I know you wouldn’t understand, because my situation is different from any situation. And it sucks because it just kills me and I don’t want to wake up, not until I get to be with him again.

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