Upside Down

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”- Walt Disney

I remember way back in sixth grade when I was waiting for my post in our school magazine. All those who passed the screening were waiting for their names to be written on the board, which will be written beside their designated position. The first position written was “Editor-in-Chief.” As negative as I was, I expected that I will be on one of the lower positions, like, I’ll just be a “contributor” or something like that. Our batch valedictorian was there, and I knew that she will be the one to be “hailed” as the E.I.C. The coordinator went in front, picked-up the chalk and started to write the name of their chosen Editor-in-Chief.

She wrote my name.

And God, I was so shocked. Not just me, mind you, everyone was whispering and talking like freaks as they were surprised, like me, to see my name beside the highest post possible for the magazine. I looked at the batch valedictorian and she had her mouth opened like I punched her on the face or something. I mean, yeah, how can I, an average student, who isn’t even a part of the “pilot” section become the Editor-in-Chief for the whole Grade school magazine? It was so insane I wanted to run, and clap at the same time. I can see the “grief” on other people’s faces. I think I was the only one from the “second” section to try-out, and everyone in the room were the “smart” kids, so I was positive that they were devastated as they realized I will be their “boss.” After writing all of the names on the board, the coordinator was saying something that I couldn’t really understand as I was still in cloud 9. After the orientation, some congratulated me while some looked at me like I killed their parents. It was really funny, actually, because I never thought I would get in, but hey, look at that, I even became their Editor-in-Chief.

I could still remember the screening for the magazine. We were given some vocabulary exercises, as well as essay questions. I remember only one essay question, which was quite easy for me to answer: “What do you usually do during your free time?” Oh, I still remember what I wrote on that piece of paper. My answer was simple… well, not quite…

“I love to do a lot of things. But usually, I see myself daydreaming. Isn’t that funny? I always imagine things like what I will be when I grow up, but most of the time, I make stories on my mind. I’ve always wanted to become a writer and I believe imagination is the key to get me there.”

Funny? Well, laugh as you want to, but I still think that that funny answer was the reason I became the Editor-in-Chief, apart from having good vocabulary skills, ofcourse! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I know I have a lot of paths to cross before I get to where I am really meant to be. I have always loved to write. It started out as a hobby until it became who I was. My dream is to inspire the world, especially the generation today to continue reading books and make them see the real in the surreal but still know the difference. Well, that’s just one of my dreams. So, good luck to me, I guess. πŸ˜‰


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