Part 6.2: Holding Hands

So here’s the thing. There’s this person who I knew has always been a part of my life, only I always come running after another. It seems crazy but at this moment, I feel like there is a flashback happening because he’s always been inside my heart. Yet, I am scared. I am so scared of what will happen. I am scared of the distance, of what other people will say. But most of all, I am scared that if I will let him go again, I’ll lose him forever.

We invited one of our classmates to join us that night. She arrived late so I went outside and I asked him to come with me. While we were outside, I can notice that he’s already a little drunk. Being a person who doesn’t really drink, his tolerance for alcohol is really low, so you can easily say he’s a little bit tipsy already. As we waited for our friend, something happened. He leaned at the elevator, and I can see him slowly falling asleep. So I took his hand and said, “hey, you’re falling asleep.” But as I took his hand, our fingers intertwined. And I must admit… his hand felt warm… and good. Then we saw our friend walking towards us so we had to let go of each other’s hands.

We came back inside the bar and I started to look at him all the time. And as I do that, I catch him looking at me, too. We were exchanging smiles and he kept putting his hands on my shoulders and it didn’t bother me at all. We all danced and had fun. It was an awesome night, only the drinks were wayyyyy to expensive. But I guess, it was fine. Because we all shared our laughs.

And so I had to go home because he promised he’d take me home that time. One of our friends went with us while the others decided to stay.


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