Taking advantage power: Taking for granted God.

I don’t know why, but each time I hear mass at the Chapel in Greenhills, I can’t help but want to cry. I am not sure why, but maybe because each time I go there, it seems that I badly need to be there. And though I’ve always seen the EDSA Shrine as my abode, that Chapel never fails to make me feel that God is always with me.

Today happens to be “Christ the King” Sunday. The priest’s homily goes like this: sometimes we take advantage of our power– may it be in the family, work, group, etc.– we always seem to overdo it. And well, there comes a time when we hurt other people, even the people we love because we use force, deceit, and even violence. Sometimes we see ourselves God, doing anything we want to do. But even God, who is well, God doesn’t do that. He doesn’t rule by force, deceit nor fear. He rules use with love and mercy. He gave us the freedom to do what we want, and whenever we become lost, He would always show us the way. God rules with love. LOVE. He forgives us despite of our unworthiness. He looks at us like we are the most beautiful thing in the world, even though we know how sinful we are and how sometimes we hurt him because of our selfishness and foolishness. But the fact is, Christ, even though He is King, HE SERVES. He doesn’t really “rule” over us, but he serves us. And I think that’s what we forget sometimes with power. We forget to tame ourselves and we become selfish that we rule over other people. Which is wrong. Ofcourse we are given the power and positions to lead, and discipline, but that doesn’t mean to HURT the people below us.

What Christ as King teaches us is that no matter how high one may become, we are called to serve God and not ourselves. We do this by serving other people with love and Humility.

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