The Only Exception

By far, this song is one of my favorites.

Ever since the day I heard it, I fell inlove with it. This is a very personal song to me. I feel like it’s a song worth singing to somebody. You know, it’s a heartbreaking song, and at the same time it makes you feel really good. I told my sister I would write a blog about this song (and probably by next week, I will be posting my cover of the song. *Fingers crossed).

It’s simple really, the title says it all; The Only Exception. We all have our “standards,” like we tell ourselves we will never have this or that, do this or that, love this or that. But then we get surprised as we see ourselves breaking our walls and well, do what we promised we would never do. We set our own rules and then we get kicked out of our own skins as we find ourselves driving on a red signal. We keep ourselves from doing something we swore ourselves never to even touch but then one day you find yourself holding a pen, writing. It’s weird, isn’t it? How we often keep ourselves from doing something and yet we end up doing them anyway. Not because somebody forced us to, but because we just took the risk of doing something we have always been frightened of.

We are all scared– scared to get hurt, to make a mistake, to die. We are afraid of the future, of the past, of the present. We are frightened to smile, to cry, to touch, to feel, to speak, to be silent. We all have these issues inside of us that we all want to solve, and we think that the only solution is by keeping it there. That’s our problem. We don’t even know how to let it go. We don’t even let ourselves be free from our very own being. We take control of everything, not letting it all be. Probably one of the most important things I have learned is that I shouldn’t be afraid to let go. As I have always claimed, and let me write it again here, letting go does not always mean giving up. Most of the time, to let go means you are brave enough to believe that you deserve something better, if not the best. To let go means you finally found the courage to make room for something that you should have. It’s like being free from something that poisons you. Ofcourse, at first it’s painful, because you’ve held on it too long, probably leaving your hands sore or even scarred. But when you finally let loose, you’ll feel relief, you’ll feel like your flying. You may find me exaggerating with my choice of words, but it’s true. For me, letting go never mirrored weakness. Letting go always reminded me of courage.

So when we let go, we take risks. When we take risks, we make an exception. And it’s when we make an exception that our life turns around. You probably have heard the saying “when you love someone you should let him go.” Well, some agree on this, some would tell you, “no, if you really love someone, you should fight for him.” I think we misinterpret the first saying. I think that when someone says “you should let him go, ” it doesn’t necessarily mean you give him away or something, but I believe it means letting him fly free. You see, when someone is free, he does things himself. He decides for himself. He chooses for himself. In a relation, as Emmanuel Levinas would always say, “the tighter the embrace, the more separated you are from the Other.” And it’s true, sometimes, we hold on to someone so tightly, believing that it would make you closer, but in fact, you are becoming more and more distant. It’s true, that when you really love someone or something, you should learn how to let them fly free… so they can come back to you.

I guess, that’s just how the song goes for me. We take control of everything. Of the food we eat, of the places we want to go to, of the people we want to love. But then we forget the most important thing– letting go. That’s when we find our exceptions. It’s when we let go that we realize that too much control gives us nothing but heartache. But when we finally let loose and realize that life is nothing but letting it be, when we finally take risks and make exceptions, that’s when we truly live.

I have found my exception. He may be far away, but I am very happy. Because he lets me be me. If you haven’t found yours, just take courage, have faith. Let go and live.


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