Late post

Another Birthday message of one of my good friends:

Here again, an anticipated point in time in the year for our friendship, a celebration of life – of the survival of life and the life-giving -, a jubilation of one’s own significance in the world; and a retrospection and extrospection through a memorial that does not only gather the people who touch your life, but, in the same way, who you molded to be. For the same reason I am here, not only to c

ommend, but as a ramification embodied celebrating your life and how you gave life, to your formation and how you formed who are most infinite – your friends.

In this moment of the affirmation of surviving, through a celebration of survival, we can be reminded, again and again, of the importance of life beyond the fleeting fleet of the unconscious interaction with the world that escapes the insignificant and tries to escape the significant. And that this celebration of survival, is in itself, a celebration of our friendship, for only in survival can we find the essence, the origin, even the condition of the possibility of friendship that is at once obfuscated by our infinities, but is always-already leaping beyond this fragility through an embrace, through a response, through an enlargement by reciprocal exchange of selves – that is, only through a survival of the self, can we find the survival of friendship, of the life-giver, in this struggle to survive that unites our infinities beyond the flimsy paper of our diary together. By saying happy birthday, I am already, at once, saying thank you for “becoming” my friend because only through your existence that I can become your ramification and that I can have a life-giver like you.

In other words, laconically speaking: Happy Birthday Aiko MarieBalgua!

Salamat, Ric. πŸ™‚

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