Happy Twenteen to me! :)

It’s my twentieth birthday! I can’t believe I am already 20! I am not a teenager anymore. I am not an adult! I feel so blessed to wake up and see my baby right away! We didn’t end our video call since this morning and I feel so happy to see him first thing in the morning!

What made me feel even more blessed is to see the countless messages on twiter, facebook and on SMS. Thank You, Lord! But the most overwhelming message I received was that of one of my closest friends, my “daughter,” Louise. Here was her message in Facebook:

Dearest Aix,

In the most fortuitous fortuity, if the phrase is such that it could be allowed to represent something that could not be presented without paramount difficulty due to its inherent character of “beyondness” that almost resembles a kind of infinity, I came to cross the path taken by a woman of an indispensable fine grace that is not immediately obvious. It is not, I say for I have not been able to magnify it in an instant…

If my memory hasn’t failed me yet, or if what I hold significant so far still has some tint of reality with it, I am most compelled to say that my first vivid encounter of her was not without resistance. Indeed, that moment when she rose with a sturdy confidence, something I had always admired in her, and spoke thus to introduce herself in front of us all, is an image painted in my mind so beautifully. The honesty of her gesture that had ran in direct opposition to my envious timidity struck me with an utmost disturbing blow. Time and again, I kept tracing her steps, hiding beneath the sheer veil of indifference, not to expect that gradually, I will yield and be dependent on her warming presence.

Resistance, along the way had been many, something which I am certain greatly shaped and influenced my relationship with her. But, if there is one thing that would characterize the grace I came to unravel very slowly though subtly, it is the consistency of her heart to accommodate someone as suspicious and fussy like me. We are not always as tied up as we sometimes are, but our simple concurrences allowed me to form my little perspective of her: SHE NEVER LOST THAT CAPABILITY TO BELIEVE IN PEOPLE. This is the one thing I have seen shining in her, THE FORTITUDE TO OVERCOME EVERY TEMPTATION TO LOSE HER FAITH ON THE OTHER, not anyone, not the world, could defeat that power, not even her own self. FAITH, IS HER POWER.

I believe you know her? I often call her Mams, and if I may be allowed to wish,

I wish that she may continue loving…

I wrote this because the calendar told me it’s her birthday. I am uncertain of the proportionality of it to time, but anyway should that matter is out of my business. The only concern I have, is to maybe publicize to the world of the face my deepest gratitude and my humblest admiration…



HAY! ALL THE LOVE! Thank You, Dear God! I love you! It’s just the morning and so much love already!


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