It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world and write about it. I want everyone to still see the beauty of the world despite of all the ugliness we can imagine of it. I believe that I am very lucky… well, I am very blessed to do what I want in my first job. I enjoy writing about values and virtues for kids who are preparing themselves for the the future. Once, the topic was about Spirituality, and one of the columns I had to write was on the importance of praying. I had to write a letter-type column to explain why we need to pray. It was actually hard, since it was for Grade six students. Imagine writing papers– philosophical papers– during college, where you are expected to write as maturely as possible, and then shifting to a much much younger audience. I had to explain how prayer actually saves and gives us hope. What do children from the sixth grade know about being broken-hearted and life being unfair? Nothing more than not having the toy they’ve always wanted. Yet, I still think that these kids, no matter how young, will be able to understand how prayer works. For having a relationship with the Lord is not made in our early 20s. It has begun even before we were conceived.

So writing for kids are much harder, I think, than having to write very long essays and finishing a thesis on your own. You have to be very careful with your words. You can’t say “stupid” in a sentence, not even words like “sex” and “sleeping together” even if it meant nothing but just plain gender for “sex” and literally just sleeping with someone, not the “act” of “sleeping together,” If you know what I mean. Apart from writing as creative as possible, you get to imagine what you write. That’s what my superior told me from the beginning, that I have to be as playful as I can be with my style of writing, because children, even the young adults in high school, will be bored easily when you type very long sentences that do not even have “color” and “taste.” Nevertheless, so far, I am enjoying what I am doing, though I must admit that there are times I feel so bored and tired already even before opening my computer. But, I guess, that’s part of me adjusting from being such a lazy banana to a very busy bee. Yet, I am still thinking of not prolonging my agony of waking up so early and travel atleast 2 hours just to go to work, and go home very tired after working for 10 frickin’ hours.

So much for ranting and at the same time feeling blessed huh?


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