LOVE is amazing. <3

Love is amazing.

It makes you do things you thought you will NEVER do. It makes you smile, even if there are no more reasones to smile. It makes you miraculously well when you’re sick. It makes you happy when you’re sad. It gives you hope when the whole world is against you. It makes you break your own rules. It makes you cry, not just because of pain but because of joy. It makes you stronger. It makes you enjoy life even if life is unfair at times. It makes you brave enough to face our giants. It removes all our doubts. It can move mountains.

Above all, it makes you believe that anything everything is possible. Love saves.

I am lucky enough to love and be loved. And it’s because He loved us first. Perfect love casts out fear.

Thank You, for loving me, Lord. Life is a bliss, all because of love, all because of You. ❤


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