Part 5.3: Okay.

The sun’s down. But they were still inside the yacht and chatting. Until they went up to the second floor or the boat. There, she found a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Ofcourse. What’s a yacht without wine… and 2 glasses? Just two? She didn’t mind it, she leaned towards the edge of the boat and she prayed silently, Lord, whatever happens, please, let Your will be done. She was scared, and at the same time, she was happy.

She sat there at the edge of the boat and he stood beside her. They had a little chat and as she was feeling a little uneasy looking back at him as they were talking, he sat beside her. Then, she asked the question she’s been longing to ask and that he has been loathing to hear.

“Why are you here?”

Ofcourse, she would ask. She was brave enough to ask. She had to ask. He’ll be staying just for a week, might as well know why he’s here, she figured. He joked for a few times, and she asked him again,

“No, seriously, why are you here?”

“For you. To court you.” He answered.

She didn’t want him to see it, but she felt nice inside. She has no idea why, but she felt like, he deserved a chance. But then, she felt like she shouldn’t give him a chance, because it will be hard for her, for both of them to have their relationship. They’re a thousand miles away, and she never really believed in long distance relationships. But a friend told her, that in love, we break our own rules. At the back of her head, she told herself no, because this would be hard, really hard. But in her mind, she knew she had to say yes… She wants to say yes.

“Okay.” She smiled

As she noticed he had no idea what she was talking about, “Yes, okay. I am allowing you to court me.” She explained. But she felt frightened because he didn’t seem happy. He was happy, it’s just he still felt uncertain. That though he could court her, she could still say “no, I don’t want to be with you.” But he was, happy.

“But don’t keep you hopes high.” She continued. Yikes, he thought to himself. “I am still not sure of what’ll happen. You’re so far away, and I am not sure I can keep up with that.”



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