Part 5.2: A Peaceful Chaos

A van all for herself, an event planner, a friendly driver, and an unknown person. Well, this is interesting, she thought. She already have met 2 and a half people (well, she haven’t seen the event planner yet), but there are still no signs of him. She even thought of this being a prank. But no, he won’t do that to her. She knows he can’t do that to her. He loves her too much to “joke” on something like this. The guy she was with for an hour drove her near the Bay. Still, she didn’t have any idea on what’s going to happen.

“Ready?” The guy asked.

“No. Maybe?” She replied.

As they drove nearer to the bay, her heartbeat’s going faster and faster. Then she suddenly saw yachts nearby. One of them has purple balloons.Nah, that’s impossible. No, he can’t do that. No, not a yacht.

Ah. Stupid.

When she went down the car, the guy led her towards the yacht with the purple balloons. And she couldn’t believe it. There she saw him, together with Louise, Stella, and his cousin. Everything was so surreal for her. She wanted to slap her face if everything was real but she hesitated. People might think she’s crazy. Well, she is. And so was he. He was crazy for doing all of this just for her. He went home from the states, will be staying for just a week, had the guts to face her whole family, yes, even facing his Lawyer Dad and brothers. And now, a yacht. A YACHT.

As she entered the yacht, she immediately asked, “What’s this?” She felt her heart slowly melting. Her face, red, and her smile, up until her ears. She didn’t know what exactly happened. She was puzzled, though, because he did not come near her immediately after she entered. He was just staring at her, which was odd, because that was the first time she saw him looking at her. No, that was the first time somebody looked at her like that. Then a few minutes, Louise looked at him with terror, signaling to give her the bouquet of flowers sitting at the couch by the door of a room. And so, he took it, smiled and gave it to her.

There was a table full of food, and there was the good weather. Everything was going perfectly. They sat beside each other, ate together, as the watched the failed sunset (well, I guess that’s not “perfect”) as they cruised around the Manila Bay. He sat silent, and she sat with him, gladly. Together with their friends, they appreciated nature, and just sat quietly. But deep inside of both of them, there was chaos. Chaotic beauty, chaotic peace.


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