Fine. Fine. Fine.

One day in second year highschool, a classmate of mine suddenly asked me a very odd question, “Aix, is life unfair?” I think it’s odd because she was one of the most beautiful in our whole batch. She’s with the swimming competing team, and she is one of the smartest, too. To top that off, she was one of the nicest girls in our class. So it bothered me the moment she ask me that blunt question. She didn’t look okay at all when she asked me. I could see the pain in her eyes and heard it as she spoke.

“It is. Life is unfair.” Another classmate of mine interrupted us. She was the total opposite of my other classmate. She was unpleasant, only a few in our class really liked her. Though she was really smart and is a really good musician, people barely want to be associated with her.

Just like that, I was between two very different people. One corners me and asks me if Life is unfair and the other affirms that it is. And just now, I have thought of that question again.

“Is life unfair?”

If you could notice, the first one asked me. She wasn’t sure, so she had to ask me. Maybe at that moment of her life, she was struggling. Maybe she was having problems with her family, boyfriend, or friends. Or maybe, she was just, not okay at that very moment. But my other classmate, who right away affirmed that life is unfair need not ask because she knew it was, or maybe it’s just that she sees it as unfair. Their difference is that the first never doubted if life was unfair until she had to feel that it was, while the other saw it right then and there. You can say that the first was a little too ideal since she never saw it like that and the other was just practical.

I have thought about this because I may have been like the one who doubted. Is life unfair? Does life give you apples when you ask for bananas? Does it give you water when you were craving for wine? Does it give you volcanoes when you wanted mountains? Is life unfair?

I don’t really know how to answer this, but whenever I feel like asking this question, I would always remember my favorite philosopher say, “without war, then there would be no peace.” So I guess, that’s it. In order to experience peace, we should first experience war. In order for us to see life beautiful, we should first see it as unfair, as painful, as unbearable.

Maybe that’s it. In order for us to appreciate what we have now, we sometimes have to lose them. In order for us to grow, we must first falter. And in order for us to stand up, we should first sit down or slip on the floor.

But when you stand up, you shake all the dust, rearrange your hair, chin up and say, “I am ready for you, life. Get ready for me, too.”


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