Part 5.1: Just Trust.

She woke up at around 6 am so she can jog. He texted her as early as she woke up. He was really excited, and so was she. While she was running, she can’t stop thinking about what will happen that day. She’s really excited, because she loves surprises. And he loves surprising her. He just… loves her. PERIOD.

Later that afternoon, someone with the name, “JC” called her and tells her she will be fetched by a van. She said she’s the event planner, and all that she has to do was to trust her. And so, she was fetched by a van, luckily, with a very friendly driver. As talkative as she was, she had a chat with him all throughout the ride. She learned that he doesn’t go home everyday to his family, because he was always on call. He drove actors and actresses all around the metro. She felt sad because she wished it wasn’t like that. The Manong was so nice, he deserves to see his family everyday. But life is unfair like that. You would have to sacrifice many things so better things would come. One of his children will be graduating already and will be going abroad to help the family. All of his children are able to experience education because of his sacrifices. She honors Manong very much because many people would complain on their current statuses, but he doesn’t.

When they’ve reached their destination, she was as really never because she was brought to a place near the theatre. “Are we going to watch a play?” She thought. She dared not ask the driver again, because he also does not know what’s up. After a few minutes, a pick-up truck parked beside the van. A man wearing shades and a black v-neck top went out of the truck and opened the door of the van.

“Hi! Aiko, right?” He asked.

“Yup, that’s me?” She nodded with doubt.

“Let’s go! You can leave your things here.” He said to me. “Oh, Kuya, don’t forget later.” He said to the driver.

“Okay, yes sir.” Manong driver said.

She took a deep breath before she exits the van. The guy then led her to a restaurant. It’s weird that she feels “okay” to be with him when he doesn’t even know who he is. Maybe the fact that Manong called him “sir” makes her feel like he’s a good guy. Besides, he doesn’t look like a bad guy, at all. So they sat down inside the restaurant and ordered some Frozen Yogurt. She was hesitant at first, because she was shy, but it didn’t really matter because she loves FroYo. So she sat there, had some yogurt and talked to the guy. They were talking about work, life, love, basically just, everything. He even offered her help when he found out she wanted to work as a writer. She learns that he works in a tv station and that they are in need of writers. So they exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses and went back to talking about him. Where is he anyway? Why isn’t he the one infront of her? She was not focusing that much on whatever that guy is telling her. She just wants to see himand know what this is all about.

“What’s this all about, anyway?” She asked the guy she just knew.

“You’ll see.” He answered with a smile.

Then he went back to entertaining her. She wasn’t bored, at all. But she was kind of getting frustrated because she wanted to know what’s happening. First she was fetched by a friendly driver she never met before, and now she’s having yogurt and a chat with a guy she doesn’t even know, at all.

“What age do you plan on getting married?” He asked her.

“WHAT THE? Why is he asking me this?” She asked herself. Her eyes became bigger, but she answered the guy with poise.

“Uhm, around 27?” She said.

The guy nodded and told his story. She found out that he is married for a few years now, and they were both a product of a long distance relationship. She was a nurse abroad and he was working here. When she came home after 2 years, he decided to marry her. She was 22 and he was 27. He was older by 5 years. And they now have their first baby, a baby girl. Then his phone rang. Many times. He was asking the person over and over if weΒ can comeΒ there. Oh. Her wife is the event planner. Now she gets it. So she need not worry. Because when the event planner called, she said, “trust me.” And so, she did. She has to.

“Let’s go.” The guy said to her.


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