Part 4.2: Tuesday

The next day, he will go to her house. He was invited by her mother to have dinner with them on tuesday and so ofcourse, he said yes. He will be going with his sister, niece and cousin. He was quite excited, but more nervous than excited. He will be meeting her whole family. He will be sitting down with, eat with, and talk to them. He got ready for it. But not knowing of the traffic going to her place, they were late for almost two hours. Since the girl and her mother know how much of a trouble the traffic jam is, they patiently waited. She suggested to fetch them at the village entrance, so they wouldn’t have to pay more to the cab driver. When he texted her that they were at the village entrance, she drove her way they and fetched them. When they saw each other, the guy jokingly asked,

“Who will drive? You?”

“NO. NO. NOBODY WILL.” She answered laughing.

He became silent when she said this. Though he knew she was such a happy-go-lucky girl, he became silent knowing that she can drive… Manual cars. Way back in his place, he drove an automatic one. And ofcourse he must have though that he’s embarrassing for being such a sissy. After a short drive, they arrived at her house and she let them out first, since she had to park her car. Everybody came inside except him. He waited for him, and watched as she effortlessly parked.

They silently walked their way inside and he was shocked as he saw food… many food on the table. Her mother called them up and told them to sit and eat. So as they were all seated, they weren’t quietly eating at all, they all were chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

After dinner, they all sat down infront of the television and watched while chatting. He sat on the couch and she sat on one of the individual chairs. When her mother teased them to have a picture together, she moved beside him and smiled for the camera. They were all having fun. She was playing with his niece, her mom was talking to him and his sister and his cousin. They were all busy building relationships with each other. Until they all sat quiet. The whole time he was there, he kept on staring at her. On the way she laughed, the way she opened her mouth and talk, the way she puts her hair back to her ears… Just her. All of her. He can’t stop staring at her and how she looked perfectly in his eyes, even though she was just wearing a simple white t-shirt and leggings. She even wore big glasses, which he loved. He just can’t stop looking at that piece of miracle infront of his eyes.

She’s within my reach, he must have thought. Finally.

“Tomorrow she will be fetched at around 4 pm, Tita, and she will be brought home by 8. There’ll be an after-party, until 2 am, if she is allowed to come” He said to her mother. “We will be with my cousin, Louise and Stella.”

“Okay, that sounds good. I am not that strict to her, because I trust her anyway. Just make sure you get her home safe.” Her mom said.

“Yes, ofcourse, I will, Tita. Thank you.” He replied.

What’ll happen tomorrow is a mystery to her. She doesn’t know where he’ll bring her. She’s a little bit scared, but she’s more of excited that frightened. Maybe, we will just have dinner, that’s all, she thought. She can’t sleep… neither can he.


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