Part 4.1: Monday

Just for one week.

Monday of that one week, they went to the mall together with their two close friends. They ate, played at the arcade, and watched a movie. While they were playing at the arcade, the girl started to appreciate him. She felt something she can’t explain. It’s as if the walls that she built had been cracked with the way he looked, or with a simple smile, or even a lingering touch, that was not at all a “touch.” And when they went to the movies, the guy, who was secretly anxious to confess to her again, hated the movie. Because everything the guy in the movie said, he wanted to tell her. On how much he wants to love her, on how much he wants to heal her, on how much he loves her. But the fact is, no matter how much hewantsto do all these things for her, it’s still upto her. It’s still upto her if she wants to be loved, if she wants to be healed. It’s all upto her.

The guy teased the girl the whole duration of the movie. They were seated together. The girl, as bubbly as she is, always leans on the person next to her. This time, she wasn’t sure if leaning on him would be a good idea or not. But as innocent as she was on gestures like that, she tried, but the boy, who was conscious the whole time, kept on moving away from her. The girl thought he wasn’t there for her, because if he was, he might have put his shoulders around her already or he might have taken the advantage of her wanting to lean to him. But he didn’t. He remained seated beside her but he didn’t allow her to lean on him, because at the back of his mind, he should always know his limitations. Unlike any other ordinary teenager today, he remained all fashioned. He was one of those who still knew how to respect a girl, a woman, a lady. And he did.

It was getting late and she had to go home. She said her goodbyes to him and to two of her friends and walked away. When she was almost at the bus stop, to her surprise, she heard someone running, and when she looked back, it was him. He followed her, just tell her “take care.” He didn’t want her to leave yet but he knew she had to leave so she didn’t stop her. She didn’t want to leave either, she wanted to stay a little longer and have some more memories to make. But she didn’t. When she was about to get in the bus, the guy said something really odd,

“Are you sure that’s safe?” Pointing towards the bus

“Ofcourse.” She replied.

“But they all look like… they can kill someone.” He seriously said.

“What? Don’t worry about me! I always ride a bus.” She said, laughing.

When she waved byebye, he suddenly hugged her. He wanted to kiss her, but again, he’s different. He respected her, because he loves her so much she didn’t want her to feel like he’s an asshole. He just hugged him as tight as she could. And ofcourse, she hugged him back. The girl felt secured in his arms. She didn’t want it to end. But it had to. She has to go home. She waved goodbye again, and looked at him for the last time that night. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

When she went inside the bus, she followed him with a look as he walked away. She found herself smiling over what happened.”This is… crazy” she thought. But his embraced lingered on her body. It was so warm she didn’t want to let him go. And I bet he didn’t, too.

So that was monday, the first time they embraced, ever. And for both of them, it was one of the best hugs they’ve ever received. BOTH of them. Not just him, not just her, but… BOTH.


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