Looking Back

I have listed my top 10 wishes for the year this January. It’s time to cross out some things from it, since I have already received them. Thank You, Lord. ❀ πŸ™‚

1. Finish my thesis ON TIME. Not just finish, but to be able to write a good one.

-yes, I was really proud of my work. I didn’t receive a perfect score for it and for my defense, but I feel fulfilled, especially when my chair panelist commented that my thesis was the best Undergrad thesis for Levinas, my beloved philosopher. I am really very proud because he is very hard to understand, and many would give up easily in reading him. Plus the fact that I started a little late because my adviser was a perfectionist!

2. Graduate this March.

– yes, I marched last March. It was a great feeling. I just didn’t like the fact that it lasted for 7 straight hours plus our way home was 3 hours. GRR. But it felt good. πŸ™‚

3. Get a job.

– not just any job for that matter, but I get to do something that I’ve always wanted: to write. I am a writer in Vibal Publishing House Inc., incase you guys don’t know. I write columns for a magazine called, “V2Day” for Gradeschool and Highschool students. V2Day means Values and Virtues, by the way. So I guess that’s a bonus, not only do I get to write, but I get to write things that I want to write. Only, I have to work really long hours. 😦 But nevertheless, I got a job! May 24, 2012! Almost 2 months after my graduation. πŸ˜€

4. Receive a scholarship for Graduate School, either here or abroad (better if abroad).

– well, I did receive a scholarship, only, it’s not for Graduate school. It’s for Law School. It’s really funny because, ever since highschool I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer, like my father and my brothers. Until sophomore year in college, I have realized what I truly wanted to do. But odds are, when I finally changed my mind on something, it comes to me. It came to me before I graduated. I was one of the top students in our batch in my course, and so I received a scholarship for Law School in my alma mater. I turned it down.

5. Travel… (ALONE) and WRITE!

6. Finish a novel. Or atleast a short story.

-Since I write magazines for kids, I wrote short stories. Yup, no novels yet for me, but soon. You’ll see!

7. Have my own room.

8. Watch a concert.

9. Have a healthy body.

10. Meet God’s gift to me. ❀

– well, I guess they’re all right when they say you meet God’s gift to you when you least expect it. If you guys want to know our story, better read my previous posts and the upcoming ones, too. πŸ™‚


Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings. For Your generosity, for Your plans. Above all, for Your love.

Still, Your plans are always better than my dreams. ❀



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