Part 3: No excuses

Abroad. She’ll be leaving for a place God knows where. He felt afraid. He felt scared that he won’t be able to see him when he gets home. There are two things he could do: first is he can go home earlier, before she graduates so he can see her or; he’ll just let fate do it’s job, if they’re meant to be, they’re meant to be, if not, then not. What did he do? He went for the first option.

It was her last exam. Since she was a graduating student then, her examinations are earlier. Her last exam was a one-on-one oral test. So every student was left in the room with the professor and was given a few minutes to answer the questions he or she will be choosing. After her turn, one of her classmates told he not to go home yet, because they’ll be celebrating after the last student. And so, she waited. She sat down and had a little chat with that friend of hers who asked her to stay. They were both really excited to graduate, to get in to graduate school… and get a boyfriend. Yes, as funny as it may sound, she finally have thought of being in a relationship again after a long time, after her first ever heartbreak. She was patiently waiting and praying ever since she got dumped to finally meet that one person who will really make her feel a princess. Who will truly love her, all of her, including her being moody, obsessive personality, her impatience, her baggage, EVERYTHING. It was one of her wishes for the year, actually. Her 10th wish for the year was to meet God’s gift to her. She had long been waiting and praying, and she failed many times as well. And yet, she just never stopped hoping.

“Wait, I’ll just answer this call.” Her friend told her, running towards the entrance of their building.

“Oh, okay. Come back fast.” She told her friend. Where could be going? She asked herself. Her friend left her other phone and she played with it. She accidentally opened the messages and there, the first one, there was a text from her friend to an unregistered number, “Where are you, Enzo?”

What? No. Maybe she just had another guy friend who had the same name as his. Yes. That’s it. But deep inside her, maybe she was somewhat hoping, it was him.

After the last person to take the exam, they all stood up and started walking.

“Wait, Louise is not here yet.” She said.

“Yeah, we’ll just text her.” One of her classmates said.

“But her phone’s with me.” She replied.

Then, like an unbelievable astrological event, there it was, a miracle. While they were walking towards the building’s entrance, she saw her friend who asked her to stay towards their direction, with a tall guy and a girl with a slender body. As they all came closer to each other, she noticed the guys face and she was shocked with what she saw.

It was him.

“What the? What are you doing here?” She said to him, tapping his left shoulder. She didn’t know what to feel. No, she didn’t know how she felt. She felt something she used to feel whenever she sees something she wants. That was what she felt. But at the same time, she also felt terrified. She had no idea why he was there. She didn’t know it was because of her that he came home earlier than what he had planned.

As they sat down the restaurant where they all decided to eat, you could still see the unbelief in her eyes. Why the hell is he here. Is this even real? She thought. Who wouldn’t be shocked to see someone who’s oceans apart from you and whom you just talked to the other day on the phone. She didn’t want to believe it. But now, she has to. Because he’s there. He’s real.

Her parents arrived to fetch her since it was her last day. She hasn’t packed her things since she decided to stay with her friends. She will be moving out of the dorm and go home after a few weeks she wasn’t able to go home. And when her parents came, they saw her with him. They wanted to meet him, ofcourse. They wanted to see who that guys is, who treats their little girl like a princess.

“Uhm, Tita, Tito, can I take her on a date on wednesday? She’ll be fetched at around 6:30 pm and then we’ll drive her home around 10 pm.” He told them.

“Okay, just make sure she’ll be home safe.” Her mother said, smiling.

And as usual, her father had no comment. He just smiled and nodded. He was nervous, seeing her parents infront of him and asking permission from them to date their daughter. But at the same time, he felt really excited, because he just wants to be with her, even if just for a short while.”

“So how long will you be staying here?” She asked.

“Just for a week.” He said.

And everybody just went nuts hearing him. Just for a week. Wow. He crossed oceans for her? Or was it really for her?


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