Part 2: Decisions

Though she told him not to “want” her anymore, he kept on showing his intentions. He just doesn’t give up. But then at the same time, as she told him to go and date other girls, he did. But he wasn’t happy, he wasn’t content. He knew in himself that it’s her, only her. But she never noticed him. He did fall for another girl, but then he just realized it wasn’t meant to be, because at the end of the day, he kept coming back to her. Just, her. He’ll do anything to get her. No, he will do EVERYTHING. He gave her material things, which at first she never really approved of, because she thought that he was buying her off. He gave her his time, there was even a time when he was wide awake after work just to talk to her (time difference is 16 hours), and she just kept on taking him for granted, because she just doesn’t see how much he can give. Well, atleast, not yet.

“My mom’s going home there. You two should meet.” He insisted

“Yeah? We’ll see. I am quite busy these days, you know, Thesis and all that.” She excused.

“Please make time. Plus, I will give you something, too.”

“Okay, we’ll see.”

The words, “we’ll see” do they not connote a negative meaning over something? I mean, isn’t an “Okay” just “Okay” way better than having to say “we’ll see”? Though he knew that she wasn’t at all interested, he just didn’t give up on her. Yeah, yeah, he is one tough guy to do all of these for her. Just an ordinary girl. She isn’t the “popular-beautiful” type. She was just… an average girl and yet he saw her extraordinarily.

When she finally made the time to meet up with his mom, she was shocked on how beautiful his mother was. Both inside and out. She was really nice and very easy to get along with, too. She brought her parents and sister with her in meeting his mother. She wasn’t sure why. Maybe she was shy, or maybe she just didn’t want to be alone with someone she never met before. But the moment she sat down and spoke with her and his sister, too, they just… clicked. They all talked non-stop for a couple of hours. And oh, she received flowers from them. They told her it was from him, ofcourse. Ofcourse, it was from him. She loves surprises and he loves surprising her. Do you know what this means? Her practically entertaining his mother? It means she’s starting to give him a chance… indirectly. She just doesn’t see it herself. She wouldn’t say it, but when she learned that he was really seeing other girls, she was feeling a pinch in her heart. She felt jealous, she knew she did. She just didn’t want to admit it. And when she met his mother and sister, she felt… scared. She did. She didn’t want to care, but she did. She felt sorry, for him, because she thought all she could give was friendship. But that’s it, isn’t it? She felt something. She wasn’t indifferent at all. She felt something. She just won’t allow herself to realize that she felt something.

“I’ll be going home this May. Let’s meet.” He happily said.

“Yeah, if I am still here.” She said.

“What do you mean? Where are you going?”

“After I graduate, I’ll be applying for Graduate School… abroad.”

The moment she uttered the word, “abroad” he knew that it was the end of his aspiring love life. Or will it really be?


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