Part 1: Not yet a love story

Unlike any other love story, this one did not start right away with a “romantic” setting. It started… with a break-up. Yes,it started when she had her heart broken. God, she wanted to die. She just wanted to give up everything. Everything, including hope. She felt like she have lost everything because she loved so much, that she gave her 100% and nothing’s left for her to munch on. But while she was busy wasting her time on thinking what could have been, he was there, waiting for her to see him. Yes, he was there. All this time, he was there just waiting for her to see herself the way he sees her. He was there, to make her believe again. To give her hope one more time.

He was there. All this time…

But she hardly even notice him. Because she was looking at another scene. She wanted to free herself from all the drama that love has to offer, only to realize, she was in a drama herself. After all the pain that she went through, she started to create her own walls, from everybody. She knew that she had to protect herself. She had to free herself from all others. After everything that happened, she wanted herself just for herself. After being this person who never got tired of giving, she started to become selfish, or maybe just learned how to appreciate herself a little more. She gave herself time to heal, because she knew that was all she could do to get back. And yet, she still had to lose herself a couple more times just to realize that she was heading to the wrong direction. And the boy, still left unnoticed, tries everything to make her feel loved, but still, nothing. But he kept on waiting, because he knew that good things come to those who know how to wait. And he is willing to wait, no matter how long, because he believes that it’s all worth it. That she’s worth it.

She met other guys, too. She thought that they could help her heal. But not him.Whenever he would offer help or give her intentions that he likes her, she would always say, “No, I am still not okay. I still need time for myself.” Without her knowing that the more she refused him, the more he became eager to be with her. She keeps on pushing him, even telling him to go date other girls and not wait for her anymore, because he might just be wasting time on her. But he never saw it that way, he never saw it as a waste. He always has envisioned it as worthwhile, he always saw her worthy of all his effort, even though he was going through so much pain for waiting.

Until one day,

“I love you.” He said to her.

“What? Are you out of your mind? That’s impossible. We don’t even talk that much, we last saw each other, what? 2 years ago? You’re not serious.” She replied.

“But I am.” He painfully said. “I love you. Yes, I know, it’s impossible, but I can’t explain it either. I felt like… You needed me as much as I needed you.”

“What? What makes you think that I do? I am okay. I don’t need someone to make me feel okay again. I can do this on my own.”

And boom, his first rejection. The moment he told her how he feels, she went nuts. She thought it was impossible. How can someone fall for me when we don’t even talk nor see each other? Plus, he’s like… a universe away from me, he must be crazy. Yes he was, he was crazy for her. But she never saw it that way. Because she focused too much on the past. Maybe somewhat still hoping the past would come back. But slowly, she’s coming back to her senses. Realizing how much she’s worth. That she is not just an option… She’s an exception. And she was… for him.



  1. xidneyxhin · June 19, 2012

    Not an ordinary Love story… πŸ™‚

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