More HW for Lorenzo

Since you want a lot of homeworks, I am going to give you something very uninteresting. HAHA No, but it will help your researching and writing. First, research about the ongoing campaign in your country today. Then write something about it. Yes, I know, you don’t care. But you have to care. You live there now. It’s going to affect you greatly because it will all be upto your future president to lift you guys up again. Research for photos as well and make sure you also have your opinion on who you want to win.

Another HW would be easier than the one above. I want you to write a letter or a prayer to God. tell him anything and everything. That’s it.

For your third homework, Write a poem, about ANYTHING. You can make a sonnet, too, if you want. It’s all upto you on what style you want to use for this.

Last homework would be a little harder. I want you to write a short story, with characters in it and all. You can use either first or third person in narrating it.


I would give you the liberty to have as many words as you want, no minimum and maximum. Be creative for the last three homeworks while be as factual as you can be with the first one. ENJOY!


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