When Silence means everything

This was supposed to be a blogpost yesterday, since it was “World Communications Sunday,” but I was out of the house the whole day and was really sick, too. So, anyway, I really liked yesterday’s theme, because it’s all about communicating. People knew me as a blabber mouth, someone who would say just anything she wants to say, and sometimes I even end up hurting somebody. Yesterday, I was just affirmed how important silence is. I used to hate silence. I used to think that silence is equivalent to boring, to nonsense even. But I have come to realize how important it was to be silent in communicating. Ironic, isn’t it? But it’s true. I have learned that silence is needed. Not because we have heard too much, but it’s actually the other way around. We need silence because we rarely want to listen. We always say what we want to say. We forget how important it is to listen. I have grown to love silence ever since I have understood that God speaks the loudest in silence. Yes. It’s amazing how beautifully God speaks whenever I stopped talking and start listening. And it’s another thing to understand. I used to always hang out infront of the Blessed Sacrament for hours just so I could free my mind. It just affirms how saying nothing can mean everything. How God would speak to you and how good it feels to be having a dialogue with him. Yup, I’d say it’s a dialogue. Because though you literally can’t hear a word from Him, He speaks to you. And he speaks to you through your heart.

Silence means everything sometimes. Especially in love. Say, with a special someone, for example. We hear people tell us that it’s important for two people to know when to and not to speak. But it’s even more amazing when two people just sit together, side by side, say nothing to each other, and yet, you could see, feel and hear the love that is overflowing. Silence is so precious that only those who know how to listen can hear the important message it says.

Communicating is not all about speaking. Understand to be understood. Listen to be listened to. Inspire to be inspired.

So, how about you? Have you heard the whisper in your heart today? 🙂

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