The Hopeful post 2

Being a sister in YFC, I have always seen myself as a “princess” of God. We were made to believe… no, we all claimed that we are all precious and special, and we all deserve the best, because we are, as I have said, princesses of God. So we always pictured ourselves waiting for that prince charming that God has sent to look for us. We all have our own unique princes, but I believe they all should have one thing in common: faith. And when I say faith, I say faith. We have all imprinted in ourselves (us, sisters), that God has been preparing someone for each and everyone of us. Even our brothers in Christ believe this as well. We all have our checklists, the “non-negotiable” traits that our prince-charmings should have. And at the top of that list, we all have the same “expectations” for a guy: that he should love the Lord more than he will love me. And I was lucky enough to finally meet mine. :”>

I know, many would say that maybe it’s too early to say, or that maybe I am just overwhelmed with the attention he is giving me right now. That one day… he will change, he will not be the same guy that I used to love. But the funny thing about true love is, if it’s really true, everything would still stay the same. Ofcourse, everything changes, I am aware of that. I am not afraid of change, I think change is good. But what I am saying is that, even when the persons change, love still remains the same: sincere, pure and true. Love is a gift. Though everything is in constant flux, love still remains the same. Because it’s the only thing in the world that makes even the toughest heart change. Love changes us. It doesn’t change itself, no. It changes us. It makes the impossible possible. Love saves. If you believe that it’s true love, then there must be a feeling of peace in your heart that it will last for the rest of your life. I do. I believe that this would be forever. Don’t get me wrong. I was once a stupid bitch who stopped believing in forever and true love when I had my heart broken. But he made me believe again. He made me believe that everything is possible. Because he showed me a love that would cross oceans for… LITERALLY. I don’t think I can ever find someone like him. He’s exceptional. He’s my only exception. :”>

I know, I know. You all have a lot to say about this. But believe it or not, all the fears and doubts that I felt before have slowly been erased by the love he gives me everyday. And every single day, I am more and more assured that he is the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life. God affirms me everyday, that he is the one that He has long been preparing for me. That he is this person whom I will get to  spend the rest of my life with. Because in this world of tragedy and horror, it is with him that I experience peace and security. I know that though we are not physically together now, when the time comes that we will be together, we will both never let go. Because true love is worth fighting for. No matter how hard, no matter how painful. If it’s true, it will change us. It will change the world.

Because love… it moves mountains. 🙂 And so, today, I claim, that God’s promise to me was fulfilled. And for that, may God be praised. :”> ❤


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