The Hopeful post 1

When you find yourself in a place where one tap at the back or maybe even a blow of the wind can make you fall, you may be standing at the right place. Ironic isn’t it? I remember how I am always reminded that, “it’s when I am weak that I am strong.” It’s true. It’s where you find yourself so vulnerable that you are much more stronger. Why? Because, it’s where God works in your life.

I always find myself in a place where everything seems so hanging. It just doesn’t seem like it because I always put a happy face. Not because I have to, but I want to. What’s the point of infecting others with sadness in this world of hatred? What I am trying to say is, we tend to overthink things sometimes. We always tell ourselves that everything’s going to be okay, when we don’t even know how to let go. We always want to take control of everything. If we just let it all go, and let Him work in our lives, then everything will really fall into place. I did. When I was so broken before, all I did was to do something that IΒ thoughtΒ would make everything all right. But I was wrong. I was in control. But I have come to realize, how can someone so fragile at that time fix her life? There should be Someone who would do that for her. Then slowly, I became more and more stronger, everyday. It was crazy. How life brings you down one day and then pulls you up the next. I have learned how to simply, let go. As I have always said before. Letting go does not always mean giving up. Most of the time, to let go means you are brave enough to believe that something better is to be grasped, that you deserve the best.

I am not afraid to hurt anymore. I was… afraid of everything. But right now, I have learned how to be stronger everyday. How to wake up with a smile and tell myself that nothing worth it ever comes easy. But I know it will all be worth it. All it takes is patience, perseverance and trust. Trust in His will, and trust in yourself.



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