Whatever Days.

It’s the second day of our International Leader’s Conference here in Aklan. And last night’s worship was a very personal to me. I felt God speaking to me. For the past few months, I haven’t felt as thirsty as last night. It felt good and painful at the same time. I have heard God telling me something I have been praying for the past few weeks now. Shall I stay or shall I leave? I started to change my prayer. Last night I began uttering these words: “Lord, if you want me to stay, then please, put my heart back in service.” it was scary, really. Not knowing what God wants for you. When the song “Have Your Way” started to play last night, I began crying. I got scared. Because I felt like God was telling me to hold on. At the same time, I remembered how cold I had been lately in my service. I remembered, too, a sister who I was praying for who was better than me in this service. But deep inside, I knew that my heart was being changed. Before I went to this conference, I was positive that I would leave. But last night changed it all. I felt like God wants me to stay. And I became much more frightened. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to pray for. But somehow, I knew in my heart that wherever or whatever, God will be with me.

If ever I’d stay for another year in my service, then, it wouldn’t be my last day tomorrow, as most for most of the people in our household. If I’d stay, then it’ll be the first day of my final year as the sector youth head for YCOM East A.

Above all, I surrender to Him.


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