It’s not always about winning.

Tomorrow, I’ll be defending my thesis already. I have finished reading it already, and gush, I don’t feel good. I have been feeling so nervous since yesterday. I don’t know why this is happening. I am scared. I am so scared for tomorrow. I have told myself not to. I am constantly convincing myself not to be afraid. I am not scared of my jurors. I am scared that I won’t be able to give my best because of the fear wrapping my heart. I don’t want to feel this fear anymore. I want to be free from it. I am not aiming for a perfect score. I am just hoping that my score would be what I really deserve. It’s not always about winning. It’s Β not always being number 1. It’s not always about being the best. It’s aboutΒ givingΒ your best. I have done everything I could. I did my best. No regrets. Perfect score or not, no hard feelings. All that would matter to me is that it’s finally over. I have put sweat and blood. There’s nothing more I could have done. For I have given my all.

It’s not always about winning. It’s all about giving your all.


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