I finally finished my thesis. But I am not quite done yet. There’s still Monday for defense. Gush. I felt relieved for finishing! I actually was awake yesterday for 30 hours. I didn’t sleep. I had to go to Ateneo early in the morning, rush back to UST for a surprise quiz and then head back to Katipunan again to go to Doc Leo’s house and then fly back to UST to pass to one of my panelists. It was so tiring but it’s all so worth it!

I am frightened with the thought of having to defend infront of people who are expert on my thesis. But I have to put my trust on myself. I trust my adviser, too. He checked it beforehand so I guess I don’t really have to worry about this. Right? Argh.

I went to mass with my mom today and we had novena for St. Jude Thaddeus, too. I almost cried because i didn’t go home last weekend, plus ofcourse, because of all the pressure. I gave mom flowers for valentines and I am glad she liked it. Wow. This is by far, one of my so magugulong blogposts!

Oh well, I trust God, I know he will never fail me. He will never let me fail. 🙂


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