The Greatest love of all. RIP Whitney.

Today, one for the epic singers died at 48. She is not just any epic singer to me. She is the epic singer.

When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my mom and dad would always bring me to their parties and ask me to sing or dance. During those days, I would only sing one song: The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Then when I was around 7, I started joining singing contests. It was the only song I really know, so it’s what I always sing. By grade 5, I won second place to the Voice Academy of the Philippines Singing contest with this song. Then came highschool, I joined the chorale of our school, and had the same song as my audition piece. Then, came college, where I joined our Faculty’s chorale, where I also sang The Greatest Love of All for my audition. Oh, I forgot, I also had this song as one of my audition pieces when I tried out for UST Singers. See! It will forever be my song! Not to mention that my dad would always make me sing this whenever we’re having videoke.

I’ve always loved Whitney. She is really my favorite singer of all time. It’s just sad that she became an addict. I remember always singing her songs in the shower, trying not just to sound like her, but to be her. She’s indeed, a great loss in the music industry. I guess, with her dying, one of my things-to-do-before-I-hit-the-bucket won’t happen. That is, “have a duet with Whitney Houston” at number 33, I think. HAHA. But seriously, this is really sad. Many good musicians died because of the same reason. I just hope that this won’t happen again to any others. 😦


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