Done with the Other, now back to the Him.

I’ve had a long day. I went to school early in the morning just to attend the mass, which ofcourse, I wasn’t able to really attend because we went to Makati to give my brother’s wife a ride to work. But then, I was able to catch the part where our Faculty Secretary was saying out the names of those who were part of the Dean’s List last school year. The better part was that it was exactly when I was entering the church that my name was called. I felt really blessed. It felt good!

Anyway, afterwards, we had to finish the paper work for our upcoming concert, which will be on February 21 at the AMV Multi-purpose hall. It’s a joint concert with One Voice Engineering Chorale, and I have a really good feeling about this! Imagine, 2 of the best choirs in the University in one night, I just can’t wait!

Ofcourse, a day wouldn’t be complete without something to ruin it. For our thesis class, our professor told us that if we would defend our thesis beyond the defending date, the highest possible score would be 11/15 or only 2.0. All along, I thought that it wouldn’t really matter if I defend late for as long as I have a wonderful thesis, but I guess I just really have to finish it this week so I could still have a chance for a grade of 1.0. One of my panelists is one of my close friends, thank God. But the worse part? My thesis adviser usually returns more than 1 week after I pass something to him. Oh well, all I have to do right now is just finish my thesis so I would be able to defend on time. I just have to. I will.

Another not-so-awesome part of my day was when I went to the church before my class at 3pm. After quite some time, I finally had the chance to go there again. This time, I felt like God was really telling me to come and visit him. To my surprise, I cried. I was praying to Him and I felt like it’s been so long since I really “prayed” to Him. I was feeling empty lately, and I know that it is because I haven’t been talking to Him. Life just doesn’t make sense without Him. I’ve never felt so incomplete my whole life until this afternoon, when I’ve realized that I’ve grown apart from Him.

I just want to keep on praying so I could feel whole again. So I would be alive again. Maybe I was a little too busy lately that I’ve forgotten how it really is to talk to Him. I just have to go back. I have to.


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