Yung totoo?

Yung totoo? I am not bitter anymore on ABChorale only being 3rd. I’ve listened to the other choirs, and they were good. But being exposed to chorale music for the past 8 years, I am really happy with the our sound that night. In my opinion, I still think that we really had the best interpretation and sound. I just wanted to say, because it is what I’ve realized after listening to the other choirs. Ofcourse, it’s still a competition. It depended on the judges’ tastes and ears. They’ve picked their winners and I am hands down to One Voice Engineering Chorale as well as to commerce chorale.

I am just really glad because all along I thought we didn’t do a good job but we were excellent. So what if we were just third? Atleast, we’re third. But what’s more important is that we were able to sing spectacularly. Galing ng ABC! 🙂

Tapos na issue. Sinunog na namin lahat ng sama ng loob. Last na talaga Ito. Promise!

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