A Love that kills.

A love that would die for.

Because of my obsession over Aamir Khan, I’ve been watching one of his movies over and over again (yes, like the “3 Idiots). This time, it’s a story of love– a love that kills, and a love that is willing to die for. This movie that I am talking about isΒ “Ghajini.” It’s about a man who seeks for revenge after losing his love. Sanjay (Aamir) seeks for Ghajini who killed his fiance, Kalpana (Asin). Sanjay tried to save Kalpana, but he was also tortured by Ghajini that led him to an illness which makes him forget everything every 15 minutes. So, he reminds himself every single day of what had happened with pictures and tattoos on his body. He kills every person who was with Ghajini and also even Ghajini in the end. Ofcourse, I wouldn’t spoil the whole movie here, because it was just totally an amazing film, like the “3 Idiots,” but ofcourse, nothing beats Rancho’s “Aal izz well!” :p Here are some pictures of the movie:

Each time I watch this movie, especially the last part, it never fails to make me cry. It inspires me, actually. I really can’t imagine a love like that, so real and powerful, that even when the one he loves already died, he still feels her inside him. Ofcourse, it is wrong to kill, but even love can kill. Love can do anything. Love is never impossible. It can save and at the same time, it can also kill.

I’ve been praying for a love like this. A love that is real. A love that can move mountains. I’ve been asking the Lord for this, for a very very long time. I’ve been asking Him to help me to be patient, because I know that good things come to those who wait. I hope I could meet someone like Sanjay, whose love is so real that he would be willing to remember even all the painful ones just to save our memories, just to keep our love.

I can only imagine a love like this. A love so real. A love that can kill. A love that would die for me.


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