The heart that breaks.

Is a heart that loves.

Yesterday, we placed 3rd at the annual Himig Tomasino intercollegiate chorale competition. I have to be honest. I cried the moment we were hailed as second runner-up.

Maybe it’s wrong. No. It was really wrong to expect. But I wished. I wanted us to be champions. It broke my heart. I love this organization. And at the back of my mind, all I had to tell myself was, “you could have done better. You could have given more.” I told people around me that whatever happens, no regrets. Win or lose, it will still be upto God’s plan. But I was the first one to regret. It broke my heart. It was so painful. We could have been champions. But we weren’t. And then I saw the kids cry, too, telling us seniors their sorry. They shouldn’t. They have more years to make it. But it was our last. At the back of my mind, I know that I couldn’t do anything anymore. It’s already done. I have to accept it. Maybe the only wrong thing we did was to wish to much to the point of already expecting. And all of our ates and kuyas were telling us that its okay. They were telling us not to worry because we have proven our worth. Since 2004 our chorale has been in the top 3. It’s just sad. Because we could have been no. 1 this year…

But, I knew that God had better plans. We’re still very blessed, because we made it to top 3.

I had my heart broken. Because I love this group so much. Because I love each and everyone. Because I love singing.

Because I loved a little bit too much.



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