I am proud to be Thomasian. :)

While I was second year college, I wrote in my blog these very words:

“I love Ateneo but UST will always be my home.”

I’ve always wanted to study in ADMU. It has always been my dream University. But, God really had another plan for me. He had a BIGGER plan for me. I am now close to my graduation and yesterday was just one wonderful way to affirm me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Yesterday, January 27, UST celebrated its Neo-centennial anniversary (or something. I am not sure though!). I have been a part of the 40,000 Voices event and it was really funny because people rocked out ABBA and folk songs! But the highlight of the whole event was the fireworks display. GRABE. I almost cried. I’ve never felt so proud to be a Thomasian my whole life. Ofcourse, we have been known for always having awesome fireworks at the end of every event but, this time I was proud not really because of the fireworks, but because I am a thomasian. Many other Universities criticized us, and I, too, at some point, underestimated my own (future) Alma Mater, but right now, I am at the peak of my being a thomasian. I’ve never felt this way for UST ever since I studied there. I have never appreciated my being a thomasian until last night. This week was one hell of a ride. But I am just really glad. :DD Plus, the “day with the Dean” last thursday was just an open-minder to me. Not only am I proud to be a thomasian, but I am also proud to be an artlet. 😀

Tomorrow (well, actually, just a few more minutes), it’ll be my last Himig Tomasino competition. And I hope, this time, we’ll be champions. 🙂 Pray for us! 🙂


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