Let nothing defeat you, Aix.

I’ve had a loooooooong day. And I say, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. This is one of the most stressful days I’ve ever had. I know that everyday is stressful already because of the number of things to accomplish but heck, this is THE day.

I have no classes today, but I’ve been in school the whole day, well not really the whole day because we went to Divisoria, too. So, first I had a lunch date with Dane, oh, “MA’AM” Dane! She is now a guidance counselor in AB so I have to address her as ma’am (HAHAHA). So, we had lunch and had a little chat. It was Β really a good feeling talking to her, because we got to share many stories and insights about everything. After that, I went to the Dean’s office because we had to get our money for the competition on sunday. To our surprise, it wasn’t there yet. AND GAHD WE KAMOTENG WENT THROUGH A LOOT. I don’t want to tell everything here just as to not make an issue, but to cut the long story short, the Dean talked to us and he’s like the awesomest Dean ever. My respect to him just went uuup there. It was a scary experience but I was so proud to be an AB Student. After this, we were able to work out some things and went to Divisoria to get our gowns. Then when we arrived back to UST, the workshop for our Chorale wasn’t over yet so I showed our conductor our gown and he didn’t like it. And when he doesn’t like anything, he becomes angry. And when he becomes angry, I try to stay as calm as possible so I wouldn’t be angry, too. Β SO IT WAS STRIKE 2 FOR THE DAY. AS IN KAMOTE. Then, after the rehearsals, I was talking with one of the members. So ofcourse, I am not really in the mood because I am just frickin’ tired. I was talking to this member, and I Β was speaking blah blah blah then he suddenly walked away from me AND I’VE NEVER FELT SO DISRESPECTED MY WHOLE LIFE. I MEAN, I AM SPEAKING HERE? WEREN’T YOU TALKING TO ME? ARE YOU CRAZY?! So, I stood up, told this person, “ANG BASTOS MO. NAGSASALITA AKO DIBA?!” He was saying sorry blah blah but I just walked away. AND THEN NOW I DON’T HAVE A PAPER YET.


Please, God. Tama na? 😦


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