SORRY. I am so sorry because all I can give you is my friendship. I cannot give you anything beyond that. I don’t want to give you false hopes. When I know deep inside me, it’s really all I can give you. You’re such a wonderful person. AS IN. I have never been treated like a princess before, and you made me feel like one. Even though you are not physically here, I feel your presence, all the time. Any girl would want to feel loved like that. That’s why I feel so bad. Because I can’t give anything back to you. You have put up so much effort, and I really appreciate that. You’re a real gentleman. You are not afraid Β to be rejected, you are not afraid to show what you really feel. More importantly, you are not like the one’s I’ve met before who are so arrogant and conceited. You are such a great son to your mother and a sweet kuya to your younger siblings. Which adds more to me feeling guilty. So I am so sorry. 😦 I don’t want you to feel all the pain I have felt before. It was so painful there were moments while I was praying that I wanted it all to just be over. And I don’t want you to experience that because you don’t deserve to.

As much as you keep telling me that I deserve to be treated right, like a princess, you, too, deserve to feel loved. That’s why I am so sorry. And I will never stop praying for you, to find that one person God has been preparing for you.

I am so sorry.


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