He’s here. One Day.

A little scene I had in my mind last week… Or maybe for a couple of weeks already. Imagining that someday, it will be real, unfolding infront of my very eyes. I just had to post it. Because it’s an epic scene.


He looked right at me. It was a piercing gaze. It felt like there was some sort of magic. What was weird was, I was not able to move, but then I know I still can. It was like a spell that made not just time stop, but even my heartbeat did. It stopped. But I am still alive. I am still breathing. I can still feel. I can still feel him. I can still see him walking to me, looking straight to my eyes. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to look somewhere else but him. It was like I was compelled to just stay wherever I am and let him come near me. If this isn’t real, I might have awoken already, because every time I dream about him, before I could even see his face, I wake up. But right now, I not only have seen his beautiful face, but I can see him moving towards me. He’s here. To prove to me that it was really real, he finally spoke.


“I am here.” He said.


That, I didn’t know what he meant. It was like an angel dropped down from the heavens. It was unbelievable but true. I could not say a word. He then smiled. It had cut right through me. I didn’t understand what was happening. He really is real. He really is here.


“You’ve been waiting for me?” He asked.

“I think? What took you so long?”

“I’ve been searching for you. It took me so much pain before I got here. But you know what? It was all worth it. I am here with you now. That’s what’s important.”


He then went closer to me, held my hand and kissed it. Then he said,


“I love you.”


The moment he said those words, I got scared. I felt so afraid all I wanted to do was run, but I wasn’t able to. His grip was stronger than the fear that was embracing me. Maybe he knew what I was thinking of. Maybe he knew that I wanted to run that’s why he intentionally tightened his grip. But at the same time, though he was holding my hand tightly, I still felt free. My hands weren’t complaining, it wasn’t painful, at all. My fear started to run out of my body as he came much closer. Close enough to kiss me. The moment that our lips began touching, was the moment of total control over myself. The fear that almost ate me whole had already went out of my system. I know I can move, but unlike earlier, this time, I have chosen to move. I have chosen to feel. I have chosen to believe. I held him, and kissed him back. It was the most wonderful feeling, ever. I can feel the tears coming out of my eyes. But they were not of pain. They were of great joy.


The day that I have long been praying for is here. He’s here.




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