The star that lights up the night sky.

“A small single star can light up the darkest night.”

I’ve always loved the stars. Every night, I look at the deep dark sky and I try to find for stars. They are so spectacular, and I just can’t imagine the night without a single one. They always give me a sense of peace, of hope. Though stars seem nothing compared to the moon, they still fill the night sky with their small piece of light. I remember St. Francis of Assisi saying that a single candlelight can light up the whole darkness. Light represents hope, it gives us a sense of something to hold on to. It stops us from giving-up. The star in yesterday’s gospel was compared to Christ. Biblical Scholars believed that the star was the symbol for Christ himself, salvation. The star that guided the three men to go to the New Born Christ is up in the dark sky, giving light to all of the world. It has been said that a single star can already make a difference. A single star, alone, can light up the WHOLE night sky. It can take away the darkness, it can give us light to pass through the dark path. That is what Christ does. The Lord never stops in giving us light, in every dark path. He guides us to His way, to His wonderful-already-lit-up path. The path that need not the sun, nor the moon. God’s light is the brightest light one can ever see. The Lord’s love guides us in every dark corner of this world. That one star can lead us to the way, to His way.

That single star the lights up the dark night sky, it’s the very star that gives all of us hope and peace. This star is Christ, our Lord. The one who will save us in every darkness, the one who lights up our whole dark life.


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