Blast from the Past

I saw him, wordpress… I saw him. He was right infront of me. He was so perfect. Those beautiful eyes I have loved when I was 12. Those dimples that I used to dream about. That smile. That perfect face… It’s been 7 years, and I’ve felt like I was a kid again. That little brat who fell inlove with that angel returned. He was the most perfect person within my reach. After a very very long time… I saw him again. It was euphoric. And I mean EUPHORIC. I did some “research,” which for some is “stalking,” he seemed to have graduated from the De LaSalle University with some Science degree and it appears that he is enrolled here in the University as a medicine student. HE’S JUST SO PERFECT. MY GUSH. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! He’s so handsome and smart… WHY?

Oh, please… Stop this nonsense, Aix. But I do wish I get to see him again! ❀


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