The New Year’s Prayer :)

Dear Lord,

Generous God, thank You for giving us another year to live. Another year to hope. Another year to Love. Thank You, Dear God, for all the blessings You have provided the previous year, and the strength You have given in able to overcome all the obstacles that had been. For all the wonderful times, even for the worst days, because in every situation, I know You are there and You never gave up on me, and I know never will You. Thank You, Jesus for allowing me to be like You, for helping me to be like You. Thank You for everything God. For the gift of family, of friendship, of faith, of hope, and of love. But above all, Lord, Thank You, for loving me, even if I am not worthy of your unconditional love. Thank You, for everything. For making me stronger and wiser, for preparing me for another epic year.

Sorry, Lord. Because I know I have disappointed You, in every way I could have. For all the bad words I have uttered, for all the bad thoughts I had in mind, for all the unpleasant  actions I did to my family and friends. Sorry, Dear God, for being impatient, for not believing in miracles, for not believing that the impossible could happen, for losing faith, for losing hope. Sorry for the times I have disobeyed You and for questioning Your will for me. Sorry, Lord, for being such a pain in the head.  For the times I almost gave up, for the times I cried. Because I know that each time I cry and give up, You get hurt. Sorry, Lord, for hurting You.

Lord, this year, I can feel in my heart that it would be the best year yet. After everything I went through the previous year, I know that this year, would be my year… Our year. Lord, I ask that You continue blessing my family, each and everyone of them, hold on to them, as You are holding on to me. Help them, as You help me. My Friends, too, Lord. Please guide them as You guide me. Help them see You in every situation as I do. I pray for my country, and the whole world, that You may continue your unending generosity to each and everyone of us, in every way.  Please help all of us, Dear Jesus, to hear Your whisper in our hearts, and not just hear, but listen. Because it is when You speak, Lord, that all things fall into place.

Above all, Lord, let Your will be done, always. I surrender to You, Lord. I know that You are not just dreaming with me, but You are also dreaming big for me. Help me let go God, of everything I should let go of, and let You lead my path. I’ve had the toughest year, Lord. I know this year will be epic. Because I know that in every second of this year, You will be with me, and that is all I will ever need. Help me love like You, Jesus. A love so perfect that can save. A love that does not  ask anything in return. Lord, I hope You help me to be patient, in waiting for my dreams to come true, in waiting for Your will to happen, in waiting for miracles unfold. Teach me to be understanding, Lord. To see the other side of every situation. To not judge right away, and to just be PATIENT. For You, Lord, are always being patient with me, and you never fail to understand, no matter how unworthy I am for your understanding. Help me accept Lord, whatever it is that will happen. Give me the strength to face every trial that will go my way. Never ever, Lord, allow me to lose hope. For it is in hoping that one continues living. Hold me in Your arms, Lord, always.

This year will be extraordinary, Lord. I know it will be. Because You are with me, nothing will be against me. 😉

I love You, Dear God. I trust You, always.


xoxo. 🙂

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  1. akositrebs · January 3, 2012


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