For the first time.

I came home at 4 o’clock in the morning for the first time, today. We went to Dr. Co’s house for the most intellectual Christmas party ever! We watched ‘A Christmas Carol’ and had a few speakers afterwards. Can you imagine that?! Then, we had a game and finished around 12 30 am. My classmates wanted to have an afterparty and so we went to Timog, Morato, even in Katipunan, but there were too many people so we decided to go to Eastwood. We literally were driving for hours. We arrived at 2 am and went to ‘The Lobby.’ I was having my fasting (no colored drinks), so I told myself I can’t have any alcohol. I am this type of person who never gets drunk, like, all the time. I remember during the summer, after the International Philosophy Congress, there was a banquet, and there were like 6 barrels of beer! One of the professors kept pouring on my glass, when I’ve realized I actually drank like 2 pitchers of beer. I am not happy about it! But it was the first time I got a little tipsy, but not drunk. I never want to do it again. So yesterday, I didn’t drink– at all! I was able to survive 2 parties without having any alcohol already, and I am really proud of myself, especially for someone who never says no to drinking before… BUT I DID. That’s why, I am really thankful and glad, because I felt that God was helping me in my fasting.

Praise God!


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