I had the best 3 days of my life. This experience will forever be kept inside my heart. I’ve never felt so loved and blessed with the people I never thought I could feel this way with. They’re all wonderful, each one of them. I didn’t want to go because of all the issues we were not facing, and yet, we fearlessly all faced each other and settled what it is to be settled and valued more what it is to be appreciated. I have told them my deepest darkest secret, which I never really told anyone before, and with how they have reacted, I just felt so blessed. These people whom others knew to be cold-blooded and indifferent, these were the very people who made me realize that I am beautiful and special, that there is nothing to be worried about. They all looked me in the eye and told me that they were hurt when I tried to kill myself not just once, and told me that I am shining in their eyes, that even if I don’t see myself as precious as I am, they see me as this beautiful person who deserved to be loved always. God gave all of them to me, to give me hope, and make me believe that I really am a princess. They didn’t judge me! They didn’t even call me names like ’emo’ and the like, instead they hated themselves for being so helpless when I have thought of the stupid idea of taking my own life. They were exactly what I needed– hope and love. Though most of them didn’t have the special relationship I have with the Lord, they all had been angels to me. And I just can’t thank God more. He’s so wonderful, so much, and I am thankful I get to be myself with these people, not wearing my mask. This church will always be in my heart, for this is where we all celebrated mass, together, for the first time.

I am so lucky. I have a wonderful family, and friends. I love you, 4phl! Always will, always have.



  1. louise · December 31, 2011

    can’t stop crying…. i love you mom. T_T

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