“The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it.”- John Maxwell

I am not so sure if I agree with Maxwell a hundred percent on this one. For me, motivation is important. It makes you believe in the impossible. Sometimes, we give up because we think we can’t do it, but the truth is, all we want is a bit of a push forward. Motivation does that. It gives us a sense of assurance that everything will be alright, yet, at the same time, we have to do our part. Ofcourse, it’s not all on the motivational side, it will depend on us on how we put into action all the positivity that it gives us.

I have found this in my old blog. I was unbelievable a few months earlier, so hopeful and positive. I still am, but not as “motivated” as I was before. So, for some weird reason, I keep on trying to move forward, no matter what.

I’d ask this again, What keeps you moving forward?

As for me, there is only one thing that keeps mo going on: love, God’s love. I know that I haven’t been passionate at all on everything that I do right now, but God’s passion for me will never change. His love for me is all I am holding on to right now. It keeps me motivated, it keeps me moving forward.


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