The last first day.

Yesterday, I had my last first day of school (for my undergraduate course, atleast), and it was quite interesting. Latin was our first subject, and thank You Lord! We didn’t cover the whole 3 hour class, for if we did, I’d be dead by now. Learning a new language for me is always in the checklist, but Latin? Ugh. It’s like a dead language, and people rarely speak it. It’s so boring, and interesting at the same time, but it’s more of boring, really. Our professor dismissed us an hour earlier which means we had a 4-hour break. I was so sleepy but I had to go to the library and fix my ruined thesis. Nevertheless, I was able to maximize that long break. Then, THEN, another quite interesting subject, Hermeneutics. Wow, 2 very INTERESTING subjects for 3 hours each in one day, how about that?! Ugh. I am not really complaining, I am just… Worried. I might not be able to concentrate on both subjects because of “interestedness” (gush I am good in being sarcastic :p) anyway.

Yesterday was really interesting because I saw him again. After the ‘talk’ we had during our outing last sembreak, I surely just didn’t want to talk to him again. And we really didn’t talk yesterday, at all. I told mysel after the ‘incident’ that I will never ever speak to him again. It’s not really because I am bitter, because I know I am not anymore, but because I want to protect myself from him. Because everytime I give my trust to him again, I end up being disappointed and hurt, because even being my friend he can’t do. He just don’t know how to listen. If he’s happy, then I am glad. I just really don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. I am done. I’ve let go, and it was so hard because he was my first relationship, but I am happy I was able to. Now, I know that I really am stronger and wiser. 🙂

So my last first day was… Interesting. I am very awesomely thrilled for the succeeding days. I will do nothing but study Study studyyyyy! And pray ofcourse. God is with me in this academic journey. 🙂

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